Corporate training solutions

Skill Development | Train & Hire

Vision & Mission

Finnextra's mission is to create a pool of high quality software, management professionals  who will meet the demanding needs of multinational organizations for  tomorrow’s challenges. 

We believe that training in the latest computer technologies combined  with life-long learning are the essential ingredients for building a  successful career in the IT Industry. 

Right solutions for educational institutions

Student Workshops

  • Digital Marketing Course for Students and Working Professionals
  • Microsoft Excel (Basic and Advanced Programs)
  • Soft Skills Programs
  • Campus Recruitment Training

Placement Services


  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Centralized Placement Cell
  • Evaluate and enhance the skills with Pre-Employability Test
  • Increase your chance of getting hired with the video and visual resume
  • Courses Designed as per the suggestions/recommendations by Industry – Academic Panel
  • Practice on Industry Case scenarios
  • Free Video & Visual Resume for faster access to employers

Benefits to Students

Any academic institution/university/technical training institutes  looking to help their students get placements. (Individual enrollment of  students is not advised). 

Finnextra Placement Program is meant for 6-8 semester students who wish  to be recruited before they graduate. It is designed to prepare students  for campus recruitment and for all rounds of interviews. Since IT  companies are much more selective with whom they hire, students are  required to have strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, an  ability to lead and work in a team and the drive to constantly improve. 

Career Enhancement JumpStart

Our workshops aims at enhancing the following:

  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Grooming
  • Group Discussion
  • Just a Minute (JAM)
  • Aptitude Training